What's Anderson Design?
Todd Anderson is a graphic designer residing in Ozark, MO. If you're interested in contacting Todd, click contact and provide a few details about your next project.

Competing for
People's Attention
In a world where everyone is being overwhelmed by sales and marketing literature, Anderson Design can help your promotional material stand out above the rest.

When it's About
More Than Money
Churches - not-for-profit organizations - can now draw upon the same powerful print tools that businesses utilize to effectively convey their messages. And it's worth the results!

Drawing Attention
I started with pen and ink at a young age, emulating Walt Kelly and Marvel Comics© artists. But my interest in design really took off when, in 1984, I sat down behind something new: a Macintosh 128k personal computer.

Happy Campers
The right design or graphic elements can do wonders. I have many satisfied clients who can prove it.
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